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Call EMF Controls Today for High Quality & Reliable Gas Monitors & Alarms


At EMF Controls, we supply, install, maintain, and repair all kinds of gas detection alarms and monitors for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers nationwide.

It is important that all businesses have systems in place to protect their employees, visitors, and anyone else from the effects of dangerous gases. If you do work with dangerous gases then hopefully your infrastructure and equipment are in good working condition. However, accidents do happens and leaks do occur, so it is important that your gas detection system can alert staff to gas hazards. You gas alarm system can be as simple and a carbon monoxide alarm or much more complicated to include gas level monitors and detectors, depending on your individual situation and needs. At EMF Controls we can supply, install, and maintain gas alarms and detection solution of varying capabilities.

Our range of gas alarms and detection systems include:

  • Portable Gas Detectors

  • Gas Monitors

  • Fixed Gas Detectors

  • Gas Control Panels

  • Gas Alarms

  • Gas Sensors

If you have gas monitors and alarms already installed then it is extremely important that you have them serviced and checked regularly. Regular servicing and maintenance work will identify and potential faults and allow for repair works before an accident can occur. At EMF Controls, we offer servicing and repair services for gas alarms so you can rest assured that your gas detection system is functioning efficiently at all times.


For a Free Estimate or More Information on our Gas Alarm Solutions Contact the team at EMF Controls Today

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