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Call EMF Controls Today for High Quality & Reliable Fire Extinguishers


At EMF Controls, We supply all commercial and industrial customers with portable fire extinguishing equipment. We provide safety checks and refilling services for all kinds of fire extinguishers.

In addition to the supply of portable fire extinguishing equipment, we can provide design criteria for the required number of extinguishers for your relevant building and the type and size of fire extinguisher needed. It is important that your business, office, factory, warehouse, etc., is fitted not only with enough fire extinguishers but the right kind of fire extinguishers. There are different kinds of fire extinguishers designed to be sued with certain types of fire. It is also essential that all fire extinguishers are inspected annually for any faults or defects that would prevent them from working correctly in an emergency situation. Fire extinguishers will also need to be refilled following use.

Our fire extinguisher services include the supply and maintenance of:

  • Foam Fire Extinguishers

  • Chemical ire Extinguishers

  • Repairs & Replacement Parts

  • Water Fire Extinguishers

  • Annual Safety Checks

  • C02 Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Extinguisher Refills

The fire extinguishers provided by EMF Controls are from top manufacturers who use high quality materials and are fully compliant with all safety regulations. We provide our customers with a full sales, installation, service and maintenance for all extinguishers.


For a Free Estimate or More Information on our Fire Extinguisher Services Contact EMF Controls Today

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