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Call EMF Controls Today for Qualified and Authorised Electrical Testing & Certification


EMF Controls is fully qualified and authorised to carry out all necessary testing required in periodic inspections and issue compliance certificates.

Periodic inspections and regular testing of electrical installations is a legal requirement under the 2007 Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations. All employers are legally required to ensure that existing electrical installations be tested periodically, that a PIR (Period Inspection Report) be completed, and that all defects and concerns found during the testing and inspection be rectified promptly and efficiently. The periodic inspection is used to appraise the current condition of an electrical installation and assess its performance in addition to the system's suitability for its environment.

The inspection will:

  • Show up faulty electrical work

  • Highlight fire hazards

  • Reveal a lack of earthing or bonding

  • Examine insulation resistance

  • Examine resistance of the protective conductor

  • Reveal damage or deterioration to electrical systems

  • Reveal overloaded circuits

  • Highlight electric shock risks

  • Include a fault loop impedance test

EMF Controls offers a full range of testing packages tailor made to suit the unique needs of electrical systems and appliances for commercial and industrial properties. Utilising the very latest in electrical testing techniques, our expert electricians are able to test electrical systems without causing major disruption to a property or business. We use advanced testing systems that will locate faults or identify areas where a fault is likely to occur and create a quick and efficient solution to rectify these issues. Once the inspection and any repair works are complete, EMF Controls will provide you with a legally binding certificate. This certificate will prove that the necessary testing was carried out and that their property and the electrical systems and appliances comply with all safety standards and directives.


For a Free Estimate or More Information on our Inspection and Certification Services Contact EMF Controls Today

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