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Call EMF Controls Today for High Quality & Reliable Gas Detection Solutions


EMF Controls offers a comprehensive range of gas detection solutions including the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of gas proving systems. These services are available or all commercial and industrial customers whore require gas detection systems.

All gas proving systems supplied by EMF Controls are manufactured to the highest production standards by the most reputable manufacturers. All systems fully comply with safety regulations and standards, giving our customers peace of mind. We work directly with our customers to create effective sag detection solutions and gas proving systems that work for their business and addresses their specific needs. We provide solitary gas proving systems alongside solutions that integrate with gas interlock systems and monitoring alarms. In addition to the installation of new systems, EMF Controls also carries out regular maintenance works, system servicing, and repairs.

Facilities that require gas detection systems include:

  • Laboratories

  • Breweries and Cold Rooms

  • Workshops

  • Water Industry

  • Room Air Quality

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities

  • Commercial Kitchens

  • Schools & Education

  • Process Industry

  • Boiler House

  • Car Parks

  • Design & Technology

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

EMF Controls can advise on the right gas proving system for you as well as carry out a quick and efficient installation. We provide a highly flexible service and tailor our work to suit your individual needs and requirements. We can also provide training on how to correctly use and mentor your gas proving system effectively.


For a Free Estimate or More Information on our Gas Detection & Proving Solutions Contact EMF Controls Today

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